Saturday, June 27, 2009

Block deadline

I have worked out some dates for the block deadlines. I may amend these as we go, for example if everyone gets there blocks back to me before a deadline I will send out the next months blocks earlier and therefore amend the dates.

I have only allowed 3 weeks for the first lot as you all have your own block to work on now.

Block 1 & 2 back to Kirsty- 24 Jul
Block 3 & 4 back to Kirsty - 21 Aug * I will send you a email about this mailing
Block 5 & 6 back to Kirsty - 18 Sep
Block 7 & 8 back to Kirsty - 16 Oct
Block 9 & 10 back to Kirsty - 13 Nov
Block 1 & 12 back to Kirsty - 11 December

I then aim to mail all completed blocks back to you by 16 December so you will have them as an extra Christmas present

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fabric Packages Received

Esther - Received
Alyssa - Received
Kirsty - Received
Anna - Received
Car - Received
Kayscha - Received
Ruth - Received
Becky - Received
Rose - Received
Louise - Received
Khris - Received
Dani - Received

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Final swap details

Now that we have sorted out the participants for the swap, and have all chosen a block to make. You should all be assembling your fabric to send to me.

Just wanted to put all the final information in one place to make it easier for all.

You are to sort your material into 12 lots each containing 2 Fat 1/8s of main/contrast and 1 Fat 1/4 of background material. Please them bag up 11 lots, make the bags as flat as possible, preferably the size of 1/2 C4 envelope, to make sure we keep on the posties good side. Please number the bags 1 -11, but no names please

Then you are to send the bags to me along with 6 self addressed prepaid C4 envelopes and 1 self addressed prepaid 3kg satchel. Please email me if you need my postal address.

Once I have all parcels I will send out the block for the first month, you will all have your own material to make into a block as well. Once you have made both blocks please send them both back to me.

I will provide you for a deadline date for the first month once all the fabric parcels are received

Remember sneak peaks of your completed blocks only.