Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Secret Santa

Made or bought, max $20 to be posted on the 1st of December.

Something for the sewing room that you would love but wouldn't buy for yourself i.e. a little luxury

Kirsty - Yes, prior years Kayscha & Rose
Car - Yes, prior years Anna & Kayscha
Kayscha - Yes*, prior years Dani &
Esther - Yes; prior years Kirsty & Nic
LWD - Yes
Ruth - Yes, prior year Kirsty & Car
Anna - Yes, prior years, BBJB
Nic - Yes, prior years Car
Rose - Yes
PennyWiggle - Yes
Dani - Yes, prior year Becky
JotsMum (Shirley) - Yes
BBJB (Belinda) - Yes

Let me know if I have forgotten anybody

* must arrive by 21th November.