Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Round Robin Wrap-up

Everyone has now received there Round Robin parcels so I suppose I should post some pictures showing what everyone done.

Now to refresh peoples memory, and for the non-participants. 12 lovely ladies all chose a 12" block each and some material and sent in 12 lots of the material to be made into each person choosen block.

The participants and there finished blocks

(note the instructions are for a 9" block)


Anna - Her Own design

This is one of my favourite blocks, especially since it was Louise's first ever swap and I now she was quite nervous at the start. Looking at these I can understand why she took 4hrs to do each block. Well done Louise.

I was asked why my points were so neat and the reason was due to the use of templates that allowed you to put a pencil dot where the point was, thus allowing you to only sew to that point.

I am still trying to work out how to post a link to a few of the instructions that I only have a pdf sheet for, if anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated

To see pictures of the blocks in each persons chosen material, please go to the individual blogs and they will be posted sometime after today.

Monday, December 14, 2009

EB Charm Square Fabric Swap - Sign Ups

EB Charm Square Fabric Swap 2010
What it is?
A swap of 40 charm squares and/or charm squares size cuts of fabrics from your stash. You need to put together 40 squares to be swapped and in return you will receive 40 different squares to the ones you sent.
**NOTE: If you would like to send less than 40 squares that is fine, whatever number you send through is the same number you will receive back.**
What to do?
Go through your fabric stash and find any charm squares (singles/packs) that you don't want/don't think you will use AND/OR cut out charm square size (5 inch x 5 inch) pieces of all sorts of different coloured/patterned fabrics (no plains) of cotton/quilters cotton. Once you have your 40 squares, send them together with a prepaid self-addressed (back to you!) 500gram bag (and registered post label which you can now pre-purchase from the post office for $2.80 if you would like your parcel sent back registered).
Then I will go through all the charm squares once received from everyone and post you back 40 charm squares of different fabrics that you didn't send me (as long as we don't all send in the same, lol!). So you will get a mix of 40 different squares (i'll do my best at co-ordinating sets of fabrics that go together if people like?).
Then when everyone has received maybe we could have a challenge of making something for ourselves with our new fabrics at some stage in the year?
Signups Open: NOW
Signups Close: Friday 15th January 2010
Fabrics to be posted to me by: Friday 5th February 2010.
This gives you 3 weeks from when signups officially close to get the fabrics back to me - but of course you can start thinking about this now and while completing project put aside those small pieces that you could use for this swap : )
Fabrics will be posted back to you: Monday 15th February 2010
(or earlier depending on how long it takes me to go through all the squares).
Once signup close I will email everyone my postal details for where to post your fabric. Signup on EB in the Newbie Quilters thread and I'll add your name to the list here : )
1. Anna
2. Kirsty
3. Shirley (Jotsmum) - Received
4. Becky
5. Belinda (BBJB)
6. Nic
7. Penny
8. Dani
9. Kayscha

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Round Robin Block Swap - The final mailout

One last sneak peak to be really mean :)

All sorted and photos taken will be sent out tomorrow

Esther -
Kayscha -
Rose -

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Secret Santa - SENT / RECEIVED

Thought I would start a SS sent received list

Car - sent / received

Anna - Sent / received

Kayscha - Sent / received

Kirsty - Sent / received

Nic - Sent / received

Ruth - Sent

Dani - Sent / Received

Esther - sent

Becky - Sent/Received

Beebeejaybee - Sent/Received

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mailout #6

Esther - RECEIVED - Sent/received
Kayscha - RECEIVED - Sent/received
Ruth -RECEIVED - Sent/received
Becky -RECEIVED - Sent/received
Anna - RECEIVED - Sent/received
Louise - RECEIVED - Sent/received
Dani - RECEIVED - Sent/received
Car - RECEIVED - Sent/received
Alyssa - RECEIVED - Sent/received
Khris - RECEIVED - Sent / received
Kirsty - RECEIVED - Sent/received
Rose - RECEIVED - Sent/received

Please get these last lot done ASAP and back to me by the 4th so that I can collate them all the get the back to you before Christmas

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Next 4 RR Blocks

Here are my next 4 blocks, which have all been sent back to Kirsty. I cant wait to get all the blocks back, its getting exciting now we are near the end :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RR Sneak Peek!

Babe in arms, so just a cut and paste from me!

I'm finally making progress on my RR blocks. I'm really loving some of this fabric and wonder if the owners would notice if their scraps didn't come back lol

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mailout #5

Dani -

Please ensure you let me know when you receive your package also please have them back to me ASAP so I can get the next mailout sent in order to get make our christmas deadline

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Secret Santa Swap 2009

Members Secret Santa Swap

$20 + postage
Can be something handmade
Can also have store-bought goodies (sewing nick-nacks)
Can be Christmassy (or not)
Must contain some chocolate :)

Post Deadline: November 30th
Opening Date: December 14th TBC

Signed on:
1. Car Sweet (or luxury if easier)
2. Anna Sweet (Peppermint!) useful thrifted goods welcome, no sewing gadgets. Small pieces of small print fabrics good for fabric buttons welcome!
3. Kayscha (No choc please) Thrifted goods ok
4. Kirsty Sweet (No dark choc) ~ Some thifted ok, not sewing bits and bobs etc
5. Nic Luxury or Sweet (Dark Choc) Thrifted goods ok
6. Ruth I like anything thrifted. And luxury - Chocolate is great. Coffee is my other weakness.
7. Dani Luxury ~ Thifted goods ok
8. Esther Useful Thifted ok, not ric rac/bibs & bobs etc
9. Becky Sweet or Luxury ~ Thrifted goods ok
10. Beebeejaybee Sweet (Dark Choc) ~ Thrifted ok

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mailout #4

Posted 28 Sept - better late then never . sorry

Kayscha - RECEIVED - sent - received
Becky - RECEIVED - sent - received

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

RR Swap - Aug/Sept Blocks Sneak Peak

A sneak peak at the blocks I have completed for August and September : )

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mailout #3


Anna - RECEIVED - sent - received
Car - RECEIVED - Sent - received
Louise - RECEIVED - sent - received
Khris - RECEIVED - Sent - received
Esther - RECEIVED - sent - received
Kayscha - RECEIVED
Ruth - RECEIVED - sent - received
Becky - RECEIVED - sent - received

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mailout #2

First Package Posted - Monday 27th July

Alyssa -Received
Kirsty - Received
Anna - Received
Car - Received
Louise - Received
Khris - Received
Esther - Received
Kayscha - Received
Ruth - Received
Becky -Received
Rose -
Dani - Received


Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

All Systems go

Now that I have received everyone fabric I thought I should post some pics so you can all drool over the fabric that you will each have the please of using over the next 6 months

And here is a close up of half of the fabric

And here is the other half

Now here is all that same fabric sorted into all the envelopes waiting to be taken down to my local Post Office each month. I started out putting them in the gold bag and soon realised that I needed a larger container to hold them in. The ones shown in the gold bag are the ones for August alone.

I hope you all having fun working on your first two blocks for July

Remember to try and have them back to me by the 24 July.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mailout #1

First Package Posted - Monday 29th June

Alyssa - Received 30 June
Kirsty - Received
Anna - Received 3 July
Car - Received 2 July
Becky - Received 3 July
Louise - Received 3 July
Khris - Received 3 July
Esther - Received
Kayscha - Received 13 July
Ruth - Received 13 July
Rose - Received 13 July
Dani - Received

Finished Blocks Posted/Received by Kirsty

Anna - Posted/Received
Becky - Posted/Received
Dani - Posted/Received
Car - Posted/Received
Louise - Posted
Khris - Posted
Esther - Posted/Received
Alyssa - Received

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Block deadline

I have worked out some dates for the block deadlines. I may amend these as we go, for example if everyone gets there blocks back to me before a deadline I will send out the next months blocks earlier and therefore amend the dates.

I have only allowed 3 weeks for the first lot as you all have your own block to work on now.

Block 1 & 2 back to Kirsty- 24 Jul
Block 3 & 4 back to Kirsty - 21 Aug * I will send you a email about this mailing
Block 5 & 6 back to Kirsty - 18 Sep
Block 7 & 8 back to Kirsty - 16 Oct
Block 9 & 10 back to Kirsty - 13 Nov
Block 1 & 12 back to Kirsty - 11 December

I then aim to mail all completed blocks back to you by 16 December so you will have them as an extra Christmas present

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fabric Packages Received

Esther - Received
Alyssa - Received
Kirsty - Received
Anna - Received
Car - Received
Kayscha - Received
Ruth - Received
Becky - Received
Rose - Received
Louise - Received
Khris - Received
Dani - Received

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Final swap details

Now that we have sorted out the participants for the swap, and have all chosen a block to make. You should all be assembling your fabric to send to me.

Just wanted to put all the final information in one place to make it easier for all.

You are to sort your material into 12 lots each containing 2 Fat 1/8s of main/contrast and 1 Fat 1/4 of background material. Please them bag up 11 lots, make the bags as flat as possible, preferably the size of 1/2 C4 envelope, to make sure we keep on the posties good side. Please number the bags 1 -11, but no names please

Then you are to send the bags to me along with 6 self addressed prepaid C4 envelopes and 1 self addressed prepaid 3kg satchel. Please email me if you need my postal address.

Once I have all parcels I will send out the block for the first month, you will all have your own material to make into a block as well. Once you have made both blocks please send them both back to me.

I will provide you for a deadline date for the first month once all the fabric parcels are received

Remember sneak peaks of your completed blocks only.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Round Robin Block Swap

Now that the wall hanging swap is all done and dusted, it is time for us Newbies to have another Swap, this time with a twist.

This swap will run over the next 6 months and at the end you will have 12 different blocks made in your choice of fabric that would be suitable to make into a single bed quilt or do with as you desire.

Interested, well then to start off
  1. Sign up on the EB Newbie Quilters thread
  2. Decide on a block that you would like to make.
  3. Decide on the material that you would like to use
Need more details of that part


You decide on a 12.5" (12" finished) block that you feel comfortable making. Please note that if your block contains more then two colors then you may have to provide the extra material from your own stash. Once you have decided on a block, please email Kirsty so she can ensure that there is no double up, please also tell Kirsty the fabric requirement for your block, no of pieces needed only not size required. Also please put some thought into your block selection, eg no-one is to do a nine patch block, to simple :)


Choose your material to make up the quilt and bag it up into 12 zip lock bags (or similar) each bag is to contain enough material to make a 12" (finished) block. Depending on how scrappy you want your quilt to be it could be just two-three pieces (min to be confirmed), is so then allow at least a fat 1/8 of each in each bag.

If you have provided say more than 4 pieces decide if you are happy to have people add their own material into the block or not, if you only provide two or three pieces, you may find that people will have to add to your choice in order to do their block, say if it's a pattern that has 4 different materials to it.

Conversely if you have provided lots of pieces, please decide if you are happy for them to use only a couple of pieces, or if you want a scrappy quilt, EG some blocks can be done in two tones or scrappy, like a log cabin


Send Kirsty all 12 bag (please label then 1-12) along with your preferences, 6 self addressed prepaid envelopes (C4 $2.50 should be fine) and one 500g prepaid satchel, so that I can send all 12 finished block back to you.

Each month you will be sent two bags to make a block for two different people, you will then have a month to send the completed blocks back along with any remaining (usable sized) material.

At the end of the six months (hopefully before Christmas) you will receive 12 completed blocks in your chosen fabric for you to do with as you please. I worked out that with a 2" sashing and 56" x 70" quilt.

Some further details
  1. Please note that these swap guidelines apply to this swap
  2. This swap requires 12 participants, which will be filled on a first serve basis, so let Kirsty know ASAP.
  3. Once all 12 places are filled you will be pm with Kirsty's email and postal address.
  4. Please don't post your block choice on EB, PM to Kirsty
  5. Applicable dates for providing the 12 bags etc to Kirsty and also sending back the completed blocks will be posted on this site once all places are filled.
All clear, if not please either PM Kirsty or reply this post.

Please note that these swap guidelines apply to this swap

Edited - Once I know the fabric requirements for all blocks I will determine the minimum fabric required and well as tell you what the total requirements are eg 4 blocks are 2 fabrics, 1 is 5 fabrics etc so that you can decide what you want to send in. If you wish to send it bags with different amounts of fabrics in them please clearly label the number of fabrics on them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wallhanging Swap ~ 2009

The first Wallhanging Swap of the Newbie Quilters is done, dusted and delivered. I think you will all agree - it was a success! I'm definitely in again for 2010!

So first cab off the rank (or quilt off the machine) in alphabetical order.

Made by: Car ~ For: Kirsty


Made by: Dani   ~ For: Kayscha

Wallhanging - Dani

Made by: Esther ~ For: Dani

Wallhanging - Esther

Made by: Kayscha ~ For: Car


Made by: Kirsty ~ For: Esther

Wallhanging - Kirsty