Saturday, May 30, 2009

Round Robin Block Swap

Now that the wall hanging swap is all done and dusted, it is time for us Newbies to have another Swap, this time with a twist.

This swap will run over the next 6 months and at the end you will have 12 different blocks made in your choice of fabric that would be suitable to make into a single bed quilt or do with as you desire.

Interested, well then to start off
  1. Sign up on the EB Newbie Quilters thread
  2. Decide on a block that you would like to make.
  3. Decide on the material that you would like to use
Need more details of that part


You decide on a 12.5" (12" finished) block that you feel comfortable making. Please note that if your block contains more then two colors then you may have to provide the extra material from your own stash. Once you have decided on a block, please email Kirsty so she can ensure that there is no double up, please also tell Kirsty the fabric requirement for your block, no of pieces needed only not size required. Also please put some thought into your block selection, eg no-one is to do a nine patch block, to simple :)


Choose your material to make up the quilt and bag it up into 12 zip lock bags (or similar) each bag is to contain enough material to make a 12" (finished) block. Depending on how scrappy you want your quilt to be it could be just two-three pieces (min to be confirmed), is so then allow at least a fat 1/8 of each in each bag.

If you have provided say more than 4 pieces decide if you are happy to have people add their own material into the block or not, if you only provide two or three pieces, you may find that people will have to add to your choice in order to do their block, say if it's a pattern that has 4 different materials to it.

Conversely if you have provided lots of pieces, please decide if you are happy for them to use only a couple of pieces, or if you want a scrappy quilt, EG some blocks can be done in two tones or scrappy, like a log cabin


Send Kirsty all 12 bag (please label then 1-12) along with your preferences, 6 self addressed prepaid envelopes (C4 $2.50 should be fine) and one 500g prepaid satchel, so that I can send all 12 finished block back to you.

Each month you will be sent two bags to make a block for two different people, you will then have a month to send the completed blocks back along with any remaining (usable sized) material.

At the end of the six months (hopefully before Christmas) you will receive 12 completed blocks in your chosen fabric for you to do with as you please. I worked out that with a 2" sashing and 56" x 70" quilt.

Some further details
  1. Please note that these swap guidelines apply to this swap
  2. This swap requires 12 participants, which will be filled on a first serve basis, so let Kirsty know ASAP.
  3. Once all 12 places are filled you will be pm with Kirsty's email and postal address.
  4. Please don't post your block choice on EB, PM to Kirsty
  5. Applicable dates for providing the 12 bags etc to Kirsty and also sending back the completed blocks will be posted on this site once all places are filled.
All clear, if not please either PM Kirsty or reply this post.

Please note that these swap guidelines apply to this swap

Edited - Once I know the fabric requirements for all blocks I will determine the minimum fabric required and well as tell you what the total requirements are eg 4 blocks are 2 fabrics, 1 is 5 fabrics etc so that you can decide what you want to send in. If you wish to send it bags with different amounts of fabrics in them please clearly label the number of fabrics on them.


Red Haired Girl said...

Hurray. I have chosen my fabric, just need to get some co-ordinating solids to go with them. I will be sending 2 pieces of fabric in each package, don't know what other's are planning. But the packages will all be different if you see what I mean...

Monica @ bpab said...

Dani, just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful purse you made for me in the Snailblazer swap. It's gorgeous! Didn't know how else to contact you as your link to 'ordinary life doesn't' work.