Sunday, January 25, 2009

Car's Preferences

Name: Car

Colour Preferences: Love all colours - but would love something Bright and cheery.

Style You Like (Folk, Country, Flowers, Whimsical, Traditional, Applique, Quilters Choice): Whimsical, Traditional piecing - happy with Quilters Choice.

Style You Dislike: happy for anything really

Where The WallHanging May Be Hung (lounge, kitchen, childs bedroom etc): My sewing room

Do you like Embellishments (Ric Rac, ribbon, Beading etc): Anything goes.

Would you Like Loops On the Back So It Can Be Hung (please note, must NOT be able to seen from front of quilt): If possible

Blog Address for Your Partner to Look at Your Work: carrose creations

*** Note: I would be really happy for my partner to step outside her boundaries and do something new and not usually done (minus the stress of course). Absolutely no pressure to do so, just thought I'd throw it out there as I stepped outside my boundaries in the EBDQS and found it exhilarating to do so - not to mention the satisfaction burst. BUT in saying that - if you are happier to stick to what you know, then I'm happy with that too. IYKWIM?

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