Friday, January 16, 2009

Wall Hanging Swap Is Go!

Let's get it started...I have given us 3 1/2 months to complete this swap so we have plenty of time to choose a design, sew and send and most importantly, ENJOY!

Size: No smaller than 16"/40.5cm and no larger than 21"/55cm
Fabric: All fabric is to be 100% quality quilters cotton - no flannel, corduroy or wool. Please pre-wash all fabric!
Batting: 100% Cotton
Quilting: Hand or machine - no ties
Embellishments: Embellish as you wish but no glue
Label: There MUST be a personalised label on the quilt including swap name, swappee details and date

Mail no earlier than 4 May, 2009
Mail no later than 11 May, 2009
Opening day 15 May, 2009

If you need to ask your recipient a question, please email/PM me and I will pass the question on to your swap partner and try to get an answer for you.

Please answer and post on blog all answers to below question by Wednesday 28th January 2009. Your recipient will be sent to you by 1st February.

Colour Preferences:
Style You Like (Folk, Country, Flowers, Whimsical, Traditional, Applique, Quilters Choice):
Style You Dislike:
Where The WallHanging May Be Hung (lounge, kitchen, childs bedroom etc):
Do you like Embellishments (Ric Rac, ribbon, Beading etc):
Would you Like Loops On the Back So It Can Be Hung (please note, must NOT be able to seen from front of quilt):
Blog Address for Your Partner to Look at Your Work:

Please send me your postal address and email via EB PM so I can send it to your swap partner.

Please blog any sneak peeks on both your personal blog as well as this joint blog, please also do this for the final reveal!

I hope I have covered everything, please let me know via EB PM or my email (if you have it)if you think I need to add anything.

Happy Stitching!


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