Monday, January 26, 2009

Dani's Preferances

Hmmmmm, I haven't thought alot about this, but just had a brain wave so here goes

Name: Dani
Colour Preferences: Blues Aqua white
Style You Like (Folk, Country, Flowers, Whimsical, Traditional, Applique, Quilters Choice): Arty (Is that such a style?) Applique
You Dislike: OK its not that I dislike the other style, just they wont go with the room in which this will be put.
The Wall Hanging May Be Hung (lounge, kitchen, child's bedroom etc): I would like it to be hung in my boys bedroom, I dont know if I'm being too picky here but their bedroom is very Non age limited- doona covers are strips and spots in colours mentioned above and furniture is Beech colour and sliver.
Do you like Embellishments (Ric Rac, ribbon, Beading etc):What ever you think would work.
Would you Like Loops On the Back So It Can Be Hung (please note, must NOT be able to seen from front of quilt): Yes please
Blog Address for Your Partner to Look at Your Work:

If you would perfer not make a wallhanging for somewhere other then my boys room, then the choice is totally up to you cos I would hang it in my sewing room and Im not fussy at all :)

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