Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kayscha's Wall Hanging Preferences

OK, OK, I will go first!!

Name: Kayscha
Colour Preferences: Hmmmm, the dining room has oak furniture with khaki chair coverings...or the family room is in navy, taupes and reds! The kitchen is red and white with dark timber bench tops.
Style You Like (Folk, Country, Flowers, Whimsical, Traditional, Applique, Quilters Choice): Whimsical, Modern Funky Flowers, Applique, also happy with quilters choice as I love all the work done by this group of new adn talented quilters!
Style You Dislike: Too traditional
Where The WallHanging May Be Hung (lounge, kitchen, childs bedroom etc): Depending on style and size, family room , dining room or hallway.
Do you like Embellishments (Ric Rac, ribbon, Beading etc): OK in small doses
Would you Like Loops On the Back So It Can Be Hung (please note, must NOT be able to seen from front of quilt): Yes please, if not too bulky so it can double up on the table as I like to swap things around constantly!!
Blog Address for Your Partner to Look at Your Work: My Blog Address

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